Resources, Printables, Ideas, and Tools Collection For Geocaching

Introduction to Geocaching

An Introduction to Geocaching Presentation ideal for Badge Work UK with Scouts and Guides.

Geocaching Scouts Booklet

Print Borderless (A4) Fold lines, Cut two middle page top lines, fold in 1/2 and fold for middle pages, Great Resource!

Hold A Travel Bug Race!

Take Me To Your Leader! The Race Begins with your young people placeing a Travel Bug and their off!!

Stash Cards

Simply drop one into a cache and if anyone finds the cache by accident, help muggles understand.

Cache In Trash Out® (CITO)

Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) is an environmental initiative supported by the geocaching community. Since 2002

Geocaching Log Sheets

Print Double-Sided, printable Logs sheets with a Geocaching Scout UK  theme, look great in any scouting catch.

MAGIC Maping

The information covers rural, urban, coastal and marine environments across Great Britain.

Geocaching 101 Presentation

Geocaching. com’s introductory presentation to teach new groups about geocaching.

Girlguiding Badge Pack

Girlguiding Surrey West Geocaching Challenge Badge Pack Designed by: Surrey West County

Geocaching Scouts

Scouts Geocaching Sample Risk Assessment, this is generic and will require more assessment, time saver.

Geocaching Brochure

Guide to Geocaching to Print at home or professionally front/back. The brochure size is 3.5″x8.5″

Project GC

The extended search technology of Must link to a Account.

Geocaching Toolbox

Coordinate Conversions and Systems Calculations, save them as .gpx, or send them to GPS, Encryptions, and Ciphers!

OS Maps

 Lots of exciting features to help you enjoy the great outdoors. Some tools Require membership.


Certitude is a tool used to validate solutions for geocaching puzzles. Premium Membership Required.

Recommeded Links

Our Collection of Recommended Pages for Geocaching, Scouting, and Guiding. Contact us if you have one to add.

Geocaching Acronyms

Sometimes an acronym is written by geocachers in a logbook or online when logging finds for quick abbreviation.

Campsite Geocaching

Setting a Geocaching around your campsite requires a little knowledge of GPS. Read our Setting up Guide.