Cache In Trash Out® (CITO)

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Discover the exciting adventure of geocaching, combined with Environmental Conservation

What is CITO?

Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) is an environmental initiative supported by the geocaching community.

At CITO events, geocachers and community groups such as Scouts and Guides work together to improve parks and other outdoor environments. They can clean up litter and find Geocaches at the same time.

You can organize and accomplish much more with the help of other people. Contact a land manager or local counselor and work with them to determine the needs of the community. These can be scheduled at any time of the year that works for your location. Always be sure to seek permission before cleaning up any areas that may be on private property.

Many Geocachers carry garbage bags with them and even organize special. “CITO Events” to beautify parks and environments. Cache In Trash Out!

Scout Environmental Conservation Badge

  1. Find out about an environmental issue that is important to your local community.

    It might be linked to:

    • recycling and conservation
    • energy efficiency in the home or your meeting place
    • the building of new homes and local land use
    • water, light, thermal, air or beach pollution
    • coastal erosion
    • the impact of tourism on the local environment.
  2. Take part in an activity or project that improves local conservation.

    It could take place during a weekend conservation camp or you could spread it over at least five weekly sessions.

    You could look at:

    • recycling
    • reducing energy usage or renewable energy
    • protecting important habitats or wildlife
    • pollution
    • erosion
    • flooding
  3. Get involved in a campaign to make others aware of an environmental issue.

    You could write to your MP and other local agencies or speak to a community group.


Each year WAGGS builds on this environmental theme and explores the links between the environment and other global concerns.

A CITO event could be just the thing!

Step 1: Create a ‘brave space’ for your group so that they are ready to fully participate

Step 2: Choose your environmental changemaker

Step 3: Complete at least one activity from each section of the pack (Understand the issue, Practise your gender equality mindset and Take action)

Step 4: Write a letter to our world, for our equal future

Step 5: Share your letter on social media @WAGGGSworld and using #OurWorldOurFuture, #WTD2022, and #WAGGGS.

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CITO can happen on every geocaching adventure! Pick up trash that you see on the trail. Clean up the area around each geocache. These small acts make a huge difference.

Here are some tips to help plan your event