Geocache Goal

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1. Geocache Goal
You’re going on the hunt for caches. Set yourself a goal of how many caches you’re going to find. Make it challenging, but doable, to stretch your navigation skills. Don’t worry, you don’t have to find them all in one day!

Before you go out, make sure you have GPS on a phone or other device, or have a map to help you. Look up the geocaching rules and etiquette, too.

Then, get out there and find them! Keep count of how many you find.


Geocaching is an exciting, educational, and free global navigation game. In this outdoor activity, the participants use a Global positioning system (GPS) device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone and other navigational techniques to hide and seek small containers, called“geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world.
Visit and set up a free account, paid is better but not essential
Login and Click “Play” and enter your postcode to see all the caches local to you.


Information and Consent Forms are required to participate in this activity.
If the activity is taking place in the Open, Remote, or Extremecountryside, participants must carry a completed
Health Information form. If younger than Guide age, these must be carried by the Leader.

Click here for information on countryside classification
If you are unsure of the classification of the countryside where you are planning to walk, please contact your local Walking or Outdoors Activities Adviser.

Who can participate?

Open to all aged 4 and above.
If taking place in the Extreme countryside, the activity is open to those aged 7 and over. The Geocaching Badge is for Guides.

Ratio of adults to girls?

Normal ratios for activities away from the meeting place are required. Read about
Guiding Manual ratios in the Guiding Manual.
In some cases, Guides and Senior Section members may be able to walk without a Leader, please see the appropriate
walking page for further information.


  • The Leader must ensure that all participants under 18 have written permission to take part from an adult with parental responsibility.
  • The local Commissioner must be informed that the activity is taking place.
  • Carry out a risk assessment for the aspects of the activity for which you are responsible.

Instructor qualifications

No geocaching qualifications are necessary to run this activity, however:

  • The activity Leader must be appropriately qualified to lead walking activities for the terrain in which the activity is taking place.
  • Please see the Walking pages of the A-Z of Activities Geocaching

If you are unsure of the classification of the countryside where you are planning to walk, please contact your local Walking or OutdoorsActivities Adviser.