Create a cache

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2. Create a cache
It’s time to create, hide and register your own cache.

Be creative! Think about what to put in it and whether you want it to have a theme. It could complement the surroundings, or be about something that interests you.
Don’t forget to label it clearly and put a pencil and log sheet in the cache so people can record when they’ve visited it. Make sure the cache, is waterproof and hardwearing, and hide it in a safe and legal place.
Why not wait a few weeks, then check to see if anyone’s found your cache?

Hiding a Geocache

The geocache hiding guidelines answer lots of questions you might have about hiding your own cache how far caches can be from each other, land permissions, and rules to ensure respect for the environment and local laws. Chances are if you’re not sure of something regarding your cache, you’ll find an answer in the guidelines!

Other Resources

One of the best places for information and support for placing geocaches is The Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB) this link is their placement guide it’s simply great!

Want to get started to list a geocache with, start here: